10 Best Gadgets For Kids 2020 Coding Learning Toys for Kids, Through imaginative Play and Adventure

1- The Ifs – Coding: it is child’s play!
A family of toy robots to teach coding through imaginative play and adventure.

2- Novus, World’s First Modular Smartphone for Kids … https://www.abardeen-online.com/
The first modular kids’ smartphone that can transform into smartwatch or AI speaker, keeping children entertained and parents connected.

3- Tangiplay: Tangible Coding Learning Toys for Kids aged 4+ … https://www.tangiplay.com/
Christmas Gift | Unique Interactive Experience | Icon Based Game | Montessori Inspired | Boys and Girls | STEM | Logic Training.

4- Miko 2 Robot … https://miko.ai
The Robot for Playful Learning
Miko 2 is an advanced and interactive AI Robot that uses conversation to teach the fundamentals of conversation, math, music, and more.

5- Power Wheels Boomerang … https://amzn.to/2wPFXPb
Kid-controlled power drift mode. Vehicle tilts while turning for exciting driving action!. All-wheel drive with dynamic traction control powers over hard surfaces, grass, and rough terrain

6- AniBlock: Multi Solution Puzzle With High Replayability … https://amzn.to/2WVXOP1
Aniblock is a STEM toy that allows children to solve complex
multisolution puzzles in order to develop practical problem-solving skills.

7- Habbi Habbi Reading Wand & Bilingual Books … https://www.habbihabbi.com
The easiest way to teach your kids Chinese or Spanish – without screens! . Fully funded within 4 hours As seen in FastCompany & Forbes . Available for purchase now on www.habbihabbi.com

8- ROYBI Robot … https://amzn.to/3auB6BJ
World’s First Smart Toy Robot in Language Learning & STEM Skills
Roybi Robot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized content to children based on their pace and interests. With over 500 lessons, 70,000 words, and 50 categories, including basic STEM, stories, games, and songs, Roybi Robot creates a fun and interactive learning experience for children.

9- eX-Mars: The First Intelligent Robot Cube.
An intelligent robot cube from Korea that features step-by-step solving instructions, auto-scrambling, time recording, and MORE!

10- Monkeycycle: The 8-in-1 Bike That Grows With Your Child … https://www.monkeycycle.com/
8 Different Kits In 1 | For Children 9 months to 6 years old |Stroller | Balance Bike Low& High | Pedal Bike | Trike | Tadpole | Quad |